Treat yourself and your team to some Holiday-inspired fun
and taste the music with all your senses this Holiday season.

Gather with friends to indulge, connect, and enjoy!

Our Virtual HollyTales experiences are back once again in all their glory, taking guests on a beautiful, sense-filled journey as we indulge in music, wines, cheeses, and chocolates from around the world!

Caring for our senses is not a luxury, but rather a path to ensuring our physical and mental health as we head into a new year. Our focus on full-sensory wellness and enjoyment are what make our HollyTales events so uniquely restorative and engaging.

Our HollyTales tasting experiences are perfect for:

  • Company Holiday Parties
  • VIP & Client Engagement Events
  • Team-Building Experiences
  • Non-profit Fundraisers
  • Thanksgiving Tastings
  • Holiday Birthdays
  • Family Gatherings

Along with our regular roster of incredible independent musicians, we’re thrilled to offer a lively quartet of talented HollyTales Carolers for our in-person events!

Classic HollyTales Experience

This 60-minute music, wine, & chocolate tasting experience brings together the best of our American Holiday music traditions with two bottles of hand-crafted wine, with accompanying cheese or chocolate pairings united in perfect harmony. Live musicians available.

Stories & Carols from Around the World

Enjoy a delicious one-hour wine tasting journey complete with wines sourced from around the world, and delicious sweet treats and gourmet cheese pairings. A 90-minute option and live musicians are also available.

TPremium HollyTales Experience

Treat yourself right this Holiday season! Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating 90-minute tasting journey complete with professional musicians performing live over Zoom with wines from around the world, and  decadent cheese & chocolate pairings. Guidance by a Certified Sommelier is also included.

Our customized musical wine tastings are a meaningful, tasty, and uniquely memorable way to engage your team and thank them for their hard work during the year!

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