LaLa Land:
Sounds & Flavors of Los Angeles

An exquisitely curated program that honors the vibrant history of Los Angeles.

Song & Tonic was born in Los Angeles, and so it seems only fitting that we have a program that brings the sounds and flavors of the City of Angels to life through music and cocktails.

Our exquisitely curated program – “La La Land: The Sounds & Flavors of LA – honors the vibrant history of Los Angeles by pairing three LA inspired songs with three artisan cocktails. As we mix, shake and stir our cocktails, musicians play melodies, harmonies, and rhythms that emulate the ingredients and explore their role and relation to the full cocktail. The cocktail and instrument pairings change from one drink to another, as we learn how the sounds and personalities of each instrument can change, taking on new moods and colors.

Our LaLa Land program changes with each season, but we always use fresh, local fruit and ingredients as well as LA or California-based distillers to bring the local passions and flavors right into your glass. Our musicians, of course, are also LA-based and have performed on some of the city’s, country’s and world’s greatest stages.

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