Musical Chocolate Tastings

Let’s be honest: sometimes you just need chocolate.

While we’re known for our live and virtual musical wine tastings complete with boutique wines, gourmet cheese, and handcrafted chocolate pairings, there are occasions when you just need that darn chocolate. And who are we to argue with that? Our beautifully crafted Musical Chocolate Tastings answer this call bringing truffle and travel straight to your palate!

Each guest will receive a beautiful box of hand-crafted, gourmet truffles (exact number of truffles varies) shipped directly to their door with insulated packaging. 

We then gather on Zoom, learn about chocolate making through stories, maps, and samples. After learning how chocolate is made, we explore each of the selected truffles, learning about the flavors and spices that inspired it. The last part of our event includes listening to a song or piece of music that brings the inspiration for that chocolate to life through the five senses. Taste, smell, feel, see, and listen as you explore the history and present delight of perfectly hand-crafted chocolates.

You may also enjoy our Gourmet Cheese Tastings Classes, guaranteed to wow your guests and give your event the boost it needs to stand out!

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