At Five Senses Tastings, we are guided
by a concept we call Sensory Wellness.

What is Sensory Wellness?

Sensory Wellness is: the practice of activating and engaging our five senses with meaning, purpose, and love.

It’s also the approach we use to bring your unique personal or brand story to life.

A successful event isn’t just about the meal, the perfect wine pairings, or the star studded entertainment (though if Beyoncé walked in the door, that would be pretty cool). A successful event is about connection.

What matters is that people connect with your story and, even more importantly, feel so much a part of it that they carry it with them when they leave at the end of the night. Creating an environment that specifically engages our senses allows guests to connect with your brand on a deep level.

Inquire about our Sensory Wellness Bar, an installation to keep your team, clients, partners, and guests enthralled!

Our approach focuses on the one sense we often forget to remember – our sense of hearing – while incorporating taste, smell, sight, and touch as well.

According to multiple studies synthesized in Time Magazine, listening to music has been found to have benefits similar to that of meditation, including reducing the release of stress hormones, improving blood flow, and easing pain. Encouraging guests to indulge their senses – one at a time, and in concert with one another – thereby heightens their experience, making it more joyful and deepening their attachment to your brand story and culture.

We hear the phrase “I’m looking for something different” a whole lot, and we know our sensory wellness approach answers that call.

Interested in seeing what Sensory Wellness looks like in real life? Check out our private or corporate events or ask about our Sensory Wellness Bar installation for your office, hotel, restaurant, or business.

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