Switch on the energy, power, and play of your five senses!

What is Sensory Wellness?

Sensory Wellness is the practice of activating and engaging our five senses with meaning, purpose, and joy.

It’s also the approach we use to bring your unique personal or brand story to life.

Our philosophy of event curation encourages guests to “switch off to switch on” – switch off the chaos of the outside world and switch on the energy, power, and play of our five senses. We do this through the purposeful pairing of food, wine, spirits, and music brought to life by local artisans, musicians, and small businesses around the country. As a Certified Women-Owned Business (WBENC), we focus on supporting women-owned and minority-owned small businesses in your local community while highlighting your brand or personal story and reinforcing the importance of including the five senses in your pursuit of wellness.

According to multiple studies synthesized in Time Magazine, listening to music has been found to have benefits similar to that of meditation, including reducing the release of stress hormones, improving blood flow, and easing pain. Studies have also shown that overall happiness increases productivity by more than 10%! Don’t those two things seem to go together?

Encouraging guests to indulge their senses – one at a time and in concert with one another – energizes the mind and creates a sense of joy and playfulness, allowing for a deeper and more lasting attachment to your brand story and culture.

We hear the phrase “I’m looking for something different” a lot, and we know our sensory wellness approach answers that call.

Interested in seeing what Sensory Wellness looks like in real life? Check out our Silent Wine Disco, our  private or corporate events or ask about installing one of our Sensory Wellness Bar in your office, hotel, restaurant, or business.

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