Sensual Pleasure

Our “Sensual Pleasure” workshop and tasting delights, activates, and elevates your five senses during a full-sensory exploration of pleasure.

Hey, there! Looking to add some sensuality into your life? 

Our “Sensual Pleasure” workshop and tasting is a fun, entertaining, and sensuous way to engage your five senses while celebrating the love in you life. 

Whether you’re a bride about to tie the knot or you’re looking for exciting ways to connect with your partner of many years, our “Sensual Pleasure” workshop is the perfect answer to bring some fun, pizazz, and pleasure into your life!

Our multi-sensory educational workshop combines the science and art of sensuality and the five senses to encourage you to experience pleasure – whether on your own or with a partner – through the careful pairing of wine, chocolate, and… toys.

Using Babeland’s exciting variety of toys and tricks for pleasure, we will guide you from foreplay to the active experience of sensual and sexual pleasure and, at last, to those blissful moments of post-coital indulgence and relaxation.

Our delicious, delectable, and decadent exploration of your body pairs music, wine, and chocolate in an experience that tantalizes and engages each of your senses on its own and then in harmony with one another. Our wine tasting kits will be shipped straight to your door, and we’ll meet on Zoom for our virtual tasting experience.

Why music, you may ask? Well, the “first dance” is a thing for a reason, right? Music is hugely evocative and brings all sensory tasting elements together in perfect harmony. We can provide live musicians for you or deliver our music via a recorded soundtrack – it’s up to you!

Our “Sensual Pleasure” workshop is education-focused and open to people of all genders and sexual identities. You must be over 21 to attend this event.

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