Imagine your palate dancing ecstatically to the sounds of music as your guests experience the five star treatment they deserve!

At our live, virtual, and hybrid wine tasting events, your guests will experience the innovation of your personal or business story with exclusively designed pairings of musical flavor paired with hand-selected wines, food, and dessert selections. Our track record for delivering extraordinary events for even the most discerning clients allows you to invest in your guests with confidence, knowing you are inviting them into an unforgettable experience of sensory delights.  

Hybrid & Virtual Tasting Events

We all know that celebrating in person is the best!

And soon, we’ll be able to do that again! Until then, we’re thrilled to share our musical wine tastings virtually and in a hybrid event format.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion in your personal life or looking to engage your team, customers, or VIP clients in an experience that truly connects them with your vision, mission, and brand, we’ve got you covered!

Our virtual wine tasting events offer a beautiful, engaging, and fun way to connect with your friends and colleagues. Enjoy a fully customized virtual musical wine tasting event with live professional musicians or recorded music!

Ask about our ” Around the World in 80 Minutes” program!

Live Tasting Events

Our live wine tasting events use the science of our senses and the art of storytelling to create a bold, full-bodied, custom tasting experience, curated to your story.

We start by deconstructing your personal or brand story to extract the details, creating an exclusive experience. Then, our team of masterful chefs, sommeliers, and world-class musicians, combines a highly detailed strategy with a personalized approach to guide your guests’ senses on their journey.

Our goal is to guide your guests through a step-by-step process to sensory enlightenment, engaging both their minds and bodies in a stimulating experience they will never forget!

Whiskey & Cocktail Tasting Events

Song & Tonic is our cocktail branch. Experience a live or virtual cocktail tasting that takes you through three artisan hand-crafted cocktails and paired song selections.

Each ingredient is paired with an instrument, harmony, or melody from the featured song and is presented by live musicians or via a recorded playlist. As we mix, shake, and stir our cocktails, musicians play melodies and sounds that emulate the ingredients – their origin and their role within the cocktail – and explore their relation to the full piece of music.

Guests enjoy a full cocktail and listen as the complete song comes together in perfect harmony. Virtual cocktail kits can be shipped across the country. Click below to learn more and ask about our offerings and pricing. 

Ask about your specialized whiskey & bourbon tastings!

Gourmet Cheese & Chocolate Tastings

While we’re best known for our live and virtual musical wine tastings complete with boutique wines, gourmet cheese, and handcrafted chocolate pairings, there are occasions when you just need chocolate or cheese, full stop.

We’re thrilled to offer a variety of exquisite gourmet cheese tasting classes to complement our Musical Wine Tasting experiences.

Chocolate more your vibe? Who can blame you! Treat your guests to beautifully curated gourmet chocolates, paired with musical selections that bring out the essence and personality of the chocolates and allow your guests to explore all five of their senses together.

Say “Buh-Bye” to boring events, and guarantee your event provides the WOW-factor that your brand and your story deserve!

Experience the extraordinary with Five Senses Tastings. 

What Our Clients & Guests Are Saying

“This was the second time I have worked with Five Senses Tastings, and once again, it was wonderful. We hosted an event, which offered several workshops following a panel discussion. One of the workshops was the wine, chocolate, and music pairing. Kala was responsive, professional, and detail-oriented. While our guests enjoyed amazing wine and chocolate, Kala and her musicians put together a program that was perfectly balanced with the different wines and chocolates. After the event, our guests especially mentioned the musical acts. Kala took the lead to prepare this workshop and it all worked out smoothly.”

Jale Yoldas

Cultural and Diplomacy Officer,
Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco

“Thank you soooo much for this amazing virtual tasting experience event! I didn’t know quite what to expect for such an in-depth experience to be executed virtually, but it blew me away. I’ve been missing out on the auditory sense when it comes to tasting experiences and it’s truly revolutionary. I’m honored to have been a part and genuinely feel grateful for that time. Kala and her colleagues curated an emotional, delicious, and engaging experience!”

Preston Stewart

Owner, Markham & Fitz

“Kala’s deep knowledge of food, wine, and music was put to the test as we created a concept for our event. We worked to create five pairings that represented the five branches of our organization and of Oakland. We found one personal story for each program and Kala thoughtfully wrote the copy for each story – integrating it with an incredibly curated menu and wine pairing. The concept resonated strongly with our patrons, many of whom made a point of telling us that this was the best Gala we’ve ever had. The palpable “good vibes” also resulted in our surpassing our fundraising goals for the event. We couldn’t recommend Five Senses Tastings and Kala’s passion and expertise more.”

Lyz Luke

Special Project Manager, Oakland Symphony

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