You’ve heard of wine tasting.
You’ve heard of silent disco.
What we’re guessing you haven’t heard of is … the Silent Wine Disco.

Our Silent Wine Disco is a beautiful, multi-sensory exploration of sound and taste: the very best of a silent disco and a curated wine tasting in one spectacular experience!

Each hand-picked wine in our line-up is paired with musical selections played through your own device, allowing you the freedom to sip and groove at your own pace. 

We customize the wine and music pairings to match the vibe you and your guests are looking for. With wines selected from around the world and music selections ranging from Bach to Bon Jovi, every guest will discover something they love while deeply connecting with your story.

Our Silent Wine Discos are a whimsical and wildly different take on a traditional wine tasting, engaging in what we call Sensory Wellness and making it perfect for private clients (birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings) and corporate clients (team building, client appreciation, employee activation). 

Give your guests the gift of an unforgettable experience, one they can take with them when they leave at the end of the night and will remember for years to come.

Looking for something to keep your employees, clients, and guests enthralled for more than just a few hours? Think about installing one of our Sensory Wellness Bars in your office, restaurant, hotel, or business. It’s our Silent Wine Disco… just in one place.

Please send us a note to discuss details and pricing.

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