Imagine your palate dancing ecstatically to the sounds of music as your guests experience the five star treatment they deserve!

At our live and virtual musical wine tasting events, guests will experience the innovation of your personal or business story with exclusively designed pairings of musical flavor paired with hand-selected wines, food, and sweet treats. Our track record for delivering extraordinary events for even the most discerning clients allows you to invest in your guests with confidence, knowing you are inviting them into an unforgettable experience of sensory delights.  

At Five Senses Tastings, we are guided by a concept we call Sensory Wellness.

What matters is that people connect with your story and, even more importantly, feel so much a part of it that they carry it with them when they leave at the end of the night.

Creating an environment that specifically engages our senses allows guests to connect with your brand immediately on a deep level, whether they’re even aware of it or not.

Encouraging guests to indulge their senses – one at a time, and in concert with one another – heightens their experience and makes it more joyful, thereby deepening their attachment to you.

Looking for an engaging, fun and, dare we say, different experience for your team, customers, partners, and clients?

Our corporate wine tastings connect your customers to your brand through an expertly designed and expert-guided wine, food, and music pairing experience!

We have a seven-year track record of delivering extraordinary events for even the most discerning clients, palates and budgets.

Facilitating sensory engagement and inspiring deep connection are our primary goals during our private musical wine tasting events.

Each of our personalized tasting events begins with a story – your story – and the reason or occasion we are celebrating. We then weave the music, wine, and food selections into a mosaic of taste and sound that brings your story and event to life.

Song & Tonic, our cocktail branch, pairs classic, hand-crafted cocktails with classic songs performed by live musicians.

Each ingredient is paired with an instrument, harmony, or melody from the featured song and is presented by world-class musicians. As we mix, shake, and stir our cocktails, musicians play melodies and sounds that emulate the ingredients – their origin and their role within the cocktail – and explore their relation to the full piece of music.

Guests enjoy a full cocktail and listen as the complete song comes together in perfect harmony. Ask about our specialized whiskey & bourbon tastings that can be experienced virtually.

Say “Buh-Bye” to boring events and guarantee your event provides the WOW-factor your brand and story deserve!

Experience the extraordinary with Five Senses Tastings.