Expertly crafted, sensory wellness events that tell your brand story through wine, food, and music, 
in-person or virtually anywhere!


Harnessing the energy, power, and play of our five senses! With millions spent every year on corporate wellness, corporations know that ensuring their employees’ happiness is directly correlated to their success. Our  Silent Wine Disco, Around the World in 80 Minutes and Journey through American Whiskey History programs engage your team in full-sensory fun!

Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience for a once-in-a-lifetime event? Each of our  private tasting experiences starts with a story – your story. We weave music, wine and food into a mosaic of sensory delights that bring your story to life. Our Musical Wine Salons and Silent Wine Disco are the perfect ways to bring fun and flair to your celebration! Contact us to create your special event!

Let’s be honest: corporate gifts can be boring and generic. Our “ Wine PB&J” – or “Wine Pairing(s) in a B(ox) & J(ams)” is a new take on corporate gifting, offering you wine, pairings, and “jams” to get your groove on. It’s also a fun, memorable, and super tasty way to celebrate your team, partners, and clients! Enjoy a beautiful box of three hand-selected wines, chocolates, and a curated playlist! 

Learn about our unique approach to event curation, known as Sensory Wellness.

Our philosophy to event curation encourages you to switch on the energy, power, and play of your five senses. 

We bring your personal or corporate brand story  to life through full-sensory music & wine tasting experiences .

See how our unique approach to events, incorporating wine, spirits, sweet treats, and music creates a holistic and delicious approach to wellness.

Ready to awaken your senses?

What Our Guests & Clients Are Saying

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“As a sales team who usually travels and treats clients to in-person entertainment, we were looking for a unique virtual experience that would feel personal and interactive. Kala worked with us to customize an event specific to our company, business relationship and everyone’s location.

The clients were thrilled! The carefully chosen music, wine and chocolate were delightful and it was so fun to watch everyone unwind together. Kala is extremely detail-oriented and professional. She was quick to make requested changes and made a great, welcoming host.

I’d highly recommend booking an event!”

Brittany H.


Admiral Insurance Group

“We had an amazing event with Kala and Five Senses Tastings.

Everything was carefully selected from the wine, to the cheese and chocolate, to the musical choices. Kala nailed our company culture, creating a special, tailored event.

The engagement was incredible, both on Kala’s side and from our attendees. Everyone wanted to participate in the chat! Kala and her team went above and beyond to make our event memorable.

One of the best afternoons we’ve had in a while! We can’t wait for our next Five Senses Tastings experience!”

Danielle F.

Events Manager, Admiral Insurance Group

“We hired Kala and Five Senses Tastings to run some virtual wine tastings for executive prospects. The FST team made our event sparkle, and made the process and logistics involved seem effortless. The events included excellent live music, wine selections and cheese and chocolate pairings.

The feedback we’ve received from the attendees has all been overwhelmingly positive. I’d engage FST again without hesitation.”

Chris H.

VP, Product Strategy & Innovation,
Empowered Networks

Five Senses Tastings Logo

“I truly can’t tell you how much we have (and continue) to look forward to your events. It’s the bright spot of my month, a lovely date evening that my partner and I enjoy together, and just something FUN and exciting to look forward to. And may I reiterate (and encourage more) how much I love all the extra little details, bits of history, and insights into all the food, drink, and music? Just fabulous.

Thank you again so very, very much. Never doubt how much joy you bring all of us and what kind of impact you have.”

Emily H.

Music & Wine Tasting Club Member

“Five Senses Tastings is the real deal! Incredible musicians, singers, and overall talent! They certainly know how to put on a show! My guests were ecstatic about their experience and left with a memory that will last them a lifetime!”

Jordan O.

Owner, Tesse Restaurant
West Hollywood, CA

“You exceeded my expectations!… The musicians were outstanding, and your comments, chat, and coordination of the live event were excellent. My wife commented that you brought a “fantastic energy” – I agree.

I also appreciated how well you and your team handled the shipping issues that were completely out of your control. You were thinking ahead enough to send things early in anticipation of the issue. If you hadn’t been so prepared in advance, we may have really had delivery issues.

Thanks a ton!”

Chuck R.

Managing Director, Investments,
Wells Fargo

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